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PHOENIX Mentorship Program

Registration is Now Open!

We have decided to offer an extended program to meet the growing community of Dreamers, Visionaries, and Seers. Using this format will allow participants to grasp better the proper way to interpret dreams and visions and understand how to go deeper into Heaven’s Language.

We will be covering some of the following:

Different Streams of Understanding as Laid out in the Book of Daniel | The Importance of the Holy Spirit | The Mind of Christ | How to Understand Parables | Visions and their Function | The Seer and the Dream Interpreter  | Much, much more!

If you have already taken the first mentorship class, you will learn new information during this 6-month mentorship program. This course can be taken by any person who would like to understand the language of Heaven. You do not need to have taken any prior mentorship classes; you will learn various additional techniques to enhance and grow your gift.

This course will include two mentoring classes per month and one Q&A/ Interpretation class to be held on a night to be assigned. The mentoring sessions run for six (6) months at a time.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity!


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